Sensor Attachment

  1. Hold your inhaler in one hand. You want the canister facing upwards, like you were going to take your medication. It may help to remove the canister from the plastic housing if you’re worried about using up a dose.
  2. With your other hand, take the Propeller sensor. The clear, flexible part of the sensor should be facing downwards.
  3. Tilt the sensor to the side a bit and wiggle the sensor over the metal top of your inhaler. Don’t worry – it stretches.
  4. Press down until the sensor is snug on the metal canister
  5. Double check that the sensor is on the part of the inhaler where you press down and NOT over the mouthpiece.

If the sensor interferes with how you take your medication normally, take it off of your medication and give Propeller a call.

Need help removing your sensor? Watch our video here.