Having some trouble staying synced?  Here are some tips that may help.

The Propeller sensor uses Bluetooth to communicate with your smartphone or tablet.  Every few hours or so, the sensor checks in to let us know that it’s still working and sends any data it has on when your inhaler was used to your smartphone.  Even if there’s not any data to send, it still checks in, which is why it’s important to keep Bluetooth turned ON.  If you’d rather not or are concerned about battery life, see this article for a work around.

The other important thing is to make sure you stay signed in to the Propeller App and do your best not to fully quit out of the app for extended periods of time, by swiping up or removing it from your task switcher without reopening it.  It helps a ton to keep your sensor and phone syncing if the app stays open, but in the background of your phone.

Finally, when you use your sensor, try to be within about 10 feet of your smartphone or bring your sensor within 10 feet, so they can establish a connection.