i. About Propeller

How do I get Propeller?

Propeller is available for anyone to purchase by visiting buy.propellerhealth.com – just choose the sensors you need and we’ll ship them to you. Your purchase of Propeller includes your sensor and a year of access to the Propeller smartphone app. Some of our Partners will provide sponsorship to their patients, members, or employees. Your sponsor could […]

How does Propeller help me reduce my symptoms?

The Propeller sensor records the date and time when you use your inhaler. It sends that data to Propeller and your Care Team using your smartphone or hub. Taking your daily medications on time every time is really important to help you gain control and keep control. If your smartphone or hub hasn’t heard from […]

Propeller Video

Propeller is the leading digital platform for respiratory health management. Through sensors, mobile apps and services, Propeller helps reduce the cost of care while delivering better quality of life for individuals with chronic respiratory disease. Backed by Safeguard Scientifics, Social Capital, California HealthCare Foundation and other investors, Propeller Health is now working with organizations like […]

How does Propeller work?

Knowing when and how often you’re using your inhaler can help you understand how in control you are of your breathing and how to avoid things that make it difficult to breathe. By knowing what causes your symptoms, you can start avoiding those things, so you have fewer symptoms and feel better. The Propeller sensors […]

What is Propeller?

Want more symptom-free days? Meet your autopilot for asthma and COPD. How often you use your inhaler says a lot about your asthma control or COPD status. Propeller records when and where you use your inhaler to make it easier to see trends, track symptoms and talk to your doctor. What can Propeller do? Remind […]

Am I going to get an inhaler?

No. Propeller makes sensors that you use with your inhalers. You will still need to get your inhalers from a doctor.


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